Crazy entrance

Watch me swim. A pool of wet letters through the window is calling. I don´t need a swimsuit. Only a complete abscense of fear is required. Why fear words? Once you send them you can´t delete. Is harder to say I am sorry. Perhaps songs talk better than a new conversation. ¿Is an email actually a conversation?  I am coming back to my origins. I have a blue uniform and Mary Jane is asking us to write somehting in english. Write something... please cover me. Now I´m in Quebec, Juan is the guide, we are in front of the Palace waiting the guard change. No, I ´m in London, Vadim is eating sausages again. Is spring. I have to walk to Wimbledon Court to enter that wonderful  shop of fairies, stones and tarot cards. Where am I now? With the wild wind blowing. I still fear. May be I dream too much. Dream and fear? I live in my dreams. I swim at three o´clock in the morning in houses I have never been before. I love to open others doors. Just cover me. I´m behind a courtain listening someone snoring. I must don´t laugh. In which language do I dream? Depends. I am crossing the corner between affections. The letters are good. I use the O as a lifeguard. I feel so insignificant. All the words are mark with red. For sure I made mistakes with my grammar and what to say about spelling. The climate is changing, in the same day we have temperatures between eighteen and thirty degrees. Is crazy, isn´t.


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