Canada in my heart

The best time in my life was in Canada.  I went to study English for a month in the Global Village Institute in 1996. I was young, healthy and happy of being alone without family influence for five weeks. I remember a guy, I share conversation with, in a plane of Air Canada from Miami to Toronto. He was nice looking and also and independent worker. He had like 29 years, and then, 10 years of difference look too much for my few experience. I only had a good conversation with him, he gave me his card and honestly I don´t know what I did with it. One of those faces you see once in your life and never twice.

My arrival to Toronto had two ingredients. A host family that was waiting for me, far away from the institute, and part o my extended family Claudia Echeverry and Tomas Arko, who let me stay in their place in a very nice and warm room, closer to the Bloor Street with lots of love.

I loved Canada. I have great memories of simple things like walking through the streets with the fall apparience of the trees, even in June. Also, I remember the gray skirrels like such a phenomena. Here they are all orange so, finding them in gray was funny.

I had several trips with my classmates. I remember especially Niagara Falls and Montreal. 
I was I. If you know what I mean. I felt freedom and the happiness of experience nature in a different way. We went to Grundy Lake for camping and honestly, I didn´t sleep for one single second. I was in touch with the northern sky, with the Big Dipper and the sounds of night. I swam in the lake and I still feel how cold and dark it was. 
I  had a relationship back home and feeling his absence was kind of sweet. We promise eachother not to call or write. But I wrote him everyday, notes that he never saw.

I remember as well, Ottawa and Juan Felipe, my host friend sharing me his view of the city. I remember the libraries, the coffee shops, the silent spaces in the parks and having picnic on the grass.

Last but no less I remember the CN Tower and the Biodome as two arquitecture figures that surprised me a lot. The first because of the glass floor that alloud you to feel like steping in the air. And the second because all the natural enviroments it has. I fall in love (again) with a pair of otters. Their game inside and outside of the water was amazing to follow. 

And well, why do I make an entrance in English and about Canada? As I said. Was my first time alone and happy. With years, marriage, children, being a women I have forgotten how to make such experiences in my current life. I am always running from one place to another. I forgot how does it feel to take at least vacations by my own. I am surrounded by family. I do appreciate caring feelings but I miss the adventure, the silent of my spirit, the opportunity of being alone in a unknown place with nothing different that my own soul.

I hope my english is comprehensible; and that some of you, understand or join my feeling: the need of lonliness. 


lufra ha dicho que…
El último párrafo encierra la llave tan anhelada por todos y que tanto nos trabaja desde el inconsciente...el impulso constante hacia el retorno, al estado de libertad de nuestra mente y su danza sin límite en el espacio vacío, infinito, lleno de todo, lleno de nada hasta irrumpir de nuevo,en el juego de una nueva matriz...ada.

Me gusta y me seguirá gustando tu manera de escribir y de plasmar tu sentimiento.

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