martes, 1 de mayo de 2012

Trying to understand Jane Austen

I am sorry for my english but I do prefer to do this entrance in Austen´s language than in mine. I am looking thru her biography and I find very interesting the combination between social classes that she suggested in Pride and Prejudice. I do know writers that actually search the world trying to find a couple that challenge the prejudices without success. Then I remember and ancient story about the daughter of a Sultan that falled in love with a simple man. The father didn´t say no in first instance, instead, he challenged the daughter to live 40 days with the man she loved in a room without going anywhere else. The first days in fact where the happiest ones, passion an love was in both with strenght but then they started recognizing that too much time together make them unhappy. At the end, when the doors where opened, each one continue his life without the other. This story is the opposite to what Austen proposed. Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth finally stayed together. ¿Do we know until when? Romantic stories are always incomplete. The Forever Happy endings belong more to Disneyland than to life. We all have been happy but just for instances, with luck, for periods.

What happen when you are pride is that you exclude. Austen life was like that. She was an author that never knew her real potential. Probably she wrote about herself in a way to understand what she was living. Probably not. It´s rare cause I read she lived isolated of literature world; she never met her contemporary authors, not by letter, not in person. Few of his readers actually knew her name and certainly none knew more than that.

I wonder if her attitude correspond to her search of truth in words because I understand that search and I also have isolated myself when the shadow has been bigger than what I could manage.

Movies have been made, movies about the movies have been told, and I continue trying to imagine this writer. Trying to figure her pen in candle lighted nights and what prejudice was for her more difficult to understand.

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